• How do I become a Vendor at the Oswego County Regional Market?

    You can download an application or the rules by clicking one of the following links:   Market Application       Market Rules
  • What if I cannot be there for the entire season, am I allowed to be there for only a part of the season?

    Yes, you can. Please call Chris Jones at 315-591-2801 to make those arrangements.
  • Classes; can anyone create and teach a class and how much does it cost to reserve space?

    Yes, you may reserve one or more spaces in our 30' x 30' classroom. We have three class spaces available for each time slot (4 pm to 6 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm). At $25.00 per space/time slot, anyone can afford to hold a class or demonstration of any kind, including: cooking, wreath making, floral arrangements, soap making, Christmas ornaments, canning classes, painting, sewing, you name it! And because it is located in a secure building, you have teach a class over several weeks and keep everything on-site!